Introducing My Cohort to Makey Makey

Recently, we each chose a different tech tool to share with our cohort for our Tech and Innovation class. I already own a Makey Makey (I purchased it to use as a teaching tool the summer I led the Summer Reading Club at the Williams Lake Library), so I decided bring it into class so my peers could see how easy it is to use.

I used the piano interface on the Makey Makey website, to show my cohort one simple way they could use Makey Makey to introduce kids to basic concepts of electricity, like conductivity and connecting a circuit.


They also linked hands to see how long they could make their circuit. As you can see in the photo below, one person held the grounding wire while the person at the other end of the circle played the keys.

Piano playing teamwork!

Makey Makey also includes several lesson plans (with grade suggestions) and hosts several scratch games on their website that all work with the Makey Makey. They also have a video guide section that shows some creative alternative ways it has been used.


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