Possible Mediums To Explore the Disciplines of Art with a Grade One Class

There are copious ways to explore the disciplines of art with young students. Below, I’ve outlined three possible ways you could allow a grade one class to try out each discipline.


Use sharpies or crayons to draw on eggs or rocks, then dip in dye or paint.

Cut out a picture from a magazine then add your own elements using felts.

An oldie but a goody Bobracha – #sky #knight

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Let kids “draw” on a scratchboard using a stick.


Make puffy paint.

Using alternative objects as paintbrushes.

Tape lines/shapes/words on canvas then let kids finger paint. Once paint is dry, remove tape.


Press leaves into clay

Make a imprint in styrofoam (with pen or pencil), then use it as a stamp

Dip string in paint and place on half of paper, then fold paper to make mirror image.


Make play dough.

Make a paper mache object (for example, a mask).

Make an abstract sculpture out of pipe cleaner and styrofoam and knick-knacks.

Mixed Media

Take a photo and then doodle on it using a tablet.

Make a texture collage.

Make and/or Decorate Cookies.

New Media

Make light up drawings using conductive tape and LED stickers (teacher can then connect battery). 

Make a sound garden.

Make “pixel art” in Minecraft.

I love sharing resources, so if you come across any great art activities that introduce one of these key disciplines please share it in the comments below.


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