Teaching the Elements of Art: Line

We began our lesson on line by discussing how different lines can express different emotions. We tried drawing a variety of lines that expressed emotions like “exuberant, despondent, quizzical, and elated.Then we tried to draw our own version of “the most interesting line” by and then added thickness to certain sections of the line to add dimension.

After this short introductory activity, we started our main project. First we drew some lines on a piece of construction paper with chalk, then we coloured around the chalk lines using oil pastels. Once we were finished, we washed the chalk off the paper, revealing the original colour of the paper. At the end we did a non-judgemental critique to compare what kind of colours our lines inspired us to use.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our instructor also introduced us to zentangles. We used different sized cups to overlap different sized circles on a page. Then we could fill those circles with colours or shapes to make our own unique colouring page. 14787542_10157641398705387_2004525855_o

My mentor artist for “line” is my mother, Karen Goertz. While she has been working as a teacher for at least three decades, during that time she has also pursued her art and been featured in several galleries. Recently, she compiled her “doodles” into an abstract colouring book.


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