Image Development Strategies

The sixteen Image Development Strategies from the B.C. curriculum are listed below. I’ve included examples of ways we explored the last four in our class.

  1. Imagination
  2. Magnification
  3. Elaboration
  4. Stories
  5. Rotation
  6. Reversal
  7. Point of View
  8. Stylization
  9. Juxtaposition
  10. Metamorphosis
  11. Distortion
  12. Exaggeration

13. Superimposition

At one table we incorporated newspaper into our art in the style of Carl Beam. I’ve included a couple examples, the first by me and two others by my classmates, John and Jadeen.

14. Fragmentation

One table had a Picasso inspired craft. We each went into the other room and took two distorted photos of ourselves where we were doing our best to express an emotion. Then we printed out these two photos and cut them into pieces and arranged those pieces on a piece of construction paper. Then we tried to choose colours we associated with those emotions to add colour to our picture.

15. Seriation

At another table they were experimenting with patterned stamps, inspired by Andy Warhol’s work. I wasn’t able to get do any work at this table, so I’ve included two examples by my classmates, Genelle and Tess

16. Animation

At the last table we created backdrops and plasticine creations, like the stop motion work of Disney/Pixar.

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