Sketchbook Self-Evaluation

For our Sketchbook Self-Evaluation, we were asked to choose one aspect of the core competencies of Creative Thinking and Social Responsibility and then to grade ourselves on a scale of 1-5.

Creative Thinking: #1 Novelty and value

According to the curriculum “Competency profile,”

Students get creative ideas that are both novel and have value. There are degrees of novelty—an idea may be new to that student or it may be new to their peers; it may be novel for their age group, or it may be novel to a larger community. It may be new in a particular context or absolutely new. The idea or product may also have value in a variety of ways and contexts—it may be fun, it may provide a sense of accomplishment, it may solve a naturally occurring problem, it may be a form of self-expression, it may provide a new perspective that influences how people think about something or the actions people take. An idea can have an impact on the individual student, classmates, a larger group of peers, in one’s community, or on a global level.

Sample “I” Statements

  • I get ideas when I play. My ideas are fun for me and make me happy.
  • I can get new ideas or build on other people’s ideas, to create new things within the constraints of a form, a problem, or materials.
  • I generate new ideas as I pursue my interests.
  • I get ideas that are new to my peers.
  • I can develop a body of creative work over time in an area I’m interested in or passionate about.

Grade: 4/5

This art class was one of the first times I felt I could “do” art. Kathleen was an incredibly instructor for my personality/learning type, because she was so approachable and provided so many opportunities for us to modify projects to better suit our sensory preference. Because of her many approaches in the class, I found myself exploring different materials much more than I ever have in art. There are certainly always ways I could improve, but I was impressed with how many ideas I was able to generate over the semester, and was happy with my final collection of works (my digital sketchbook).

Social Responsibility: #4 Building relationships.

According to the curriculum “Competency profile,”

Students develop and maintain diverse, positive peer and intergenerational relationships in a variety of contexts.

Sample “I” Statements

  • With some support, I can be part of a group.
  • I am kind to others, can work or play co-operatively, and can build relationships with people of my choosing.
  • I can identify when others need support and provide it.
  • I am aware of how others may feel and take steps to help them feel included.
  • I build and sustain positive relationships with diverse people, including people from different generations.

Grade: 5/5

I’ve been amazed at the relationships I’ve built throughout my PDPP Program. It’s been so encouraging to spend my days with passionate people who are honestly striving to become the very best teacher they can be. Because of the many opportunities we had to work in groups and side-by-side, Art class was an ideal space to build those relationships. I gave myself a 5/5 on building relationships because I am a very relational person and love investing in my peers.


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