Helpful Social Studies Resources

Some of the best advice I’ve received so far is the old adage, beg, borrow and steal. It’s become increasingly apparent that I can not, and should not, try to develop all of my own resources. There are so many amazing teachers and professionals out there who have already developed their own creative curriculum material.

While the list below is far from all encapsulating, these links provide resources I could see myself using, or at least referring to, in my own teaching practice.

Unit Plans

Grade 5 and 10 Units and resources on Chinese Canadian History

Natural Resources Socials Studies Unit Plan

Grade 5 “Student Vote” Unit on Government

Other Resources

Texts and audio/visual material to teach about  Residential Schools  |  Chinese Head Tax  |  Komagata Maru  |  Italian Internment

Tips for discussing suicide and the “13 Reasons Why” TV series

Healthy Schools Resource Guide

Gapminder automatic graph: could be used in Socials Studies for understanding world statistics

Interactive Immigration Map: Shows Immigration and Emigration Rates

Resources related to Indigenous History in Canada


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