A Quick Introduction to Copyright, Creative Commons, and Fair Use

Last week in our Tech and Innovation class we were given a brief introduction to copyright, creative commons, and fair use. This is an increasingly important conversation for anyone in the field of education, especially as we move to share more of our resources online and encourage our students to use online resources for their school work. While the internetĀ can offer endless lists of amazing photos, videos, and resources, if we don’t know how to give proper credit it can put us (and our students) in a difficult legal situation. As teachers, we’re responsible for teaching our students internet literacy. Part of that important skill involved understanding what we are allowed to use, and what we are not.

While I hope to delve into this topic with more detail in a future post, for now, I’ve embedded several tweets from that class to point you in the direction of some helpful resources. Feel free to share other resources you may have found helpful in the comments section below.